VitalEdge Smart Nursing Home Solution
Monitoring Dashboard
  • Out of the box non-contact SMART solution for nursing homes.
  • Easy setup.

    • Install VitalEdge IOT Devices
    • Power on VitalEdge’s Edge Router
    • Logon to Cloud Dashboard


  • Our Cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) model means no heavy CAPEX spending.

First in the world – Non-contact heart rate and respiration detection sensor technology.

Extremely sensitive – Detects breathing as movement and able to distinguish between walking, standing, sitting etc.

Range information – Measures distance and detection range definition.

Stealth installation possible – Mount inside wall or ceiling, No recalibration, no lenses, not sensitive to dust or dirt – Long life time.

Not a camera – Non-invasive in daily life • Extremely low

Emission levels – < 1% of standard cell phone.

Transforms any nursing home into a SMART Nursing Home!
Just plug in!

VitalEdge’s non-contact sensor technology can turn any nursing home into a SMART nursing home!

Monitoring Dashboard

      In Bed



Monitoring Dashboard



   Vigorous movement

Monitoring Dashboard 2

    Heart Rate

    Breathing Rate

    Sleep Quality

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The VitalEdge suite of non-contact sensor solution enables monitoring of human vitals without any physical contact and tracks body movement. It is ideal for elder care facilities and hospitals, enhancing nursing staff productivity and ensuring patient care is not compromised.

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